Mexico Overview

Spicy as salsa roja, intoxicating as a shot of tequila, volatile as the volcanoes of the central sierra, surreal as a Frida Kahlo canvas, monumental as the pyramids of Teotihuacán and warm as its inhabitants, Mexico fills the senses, tweaks the intellect and nourishes the soul.
The phrase ‘something for everyone’ comes to mind: for nature enthusiasts, whale watching, monarch butterfly migrations, coral reefs off the Yucatan coast and the world’s stoutest tree (at Tule, Oaxaca); for hedonists, ecstatic nights spent dancing on the beaches of Cancun; for archaeology buffs, hundreds of painstakingly preserved remnants of ancient civilisations; for gourmands, a tantalisingly varied cuisine, from toothsome tacos to magnificent moles; for art lovers, miles of murals; for shopaholics, weavings, silverwork and fantastic animal figurines; and for beach bums, 10,000 kilometers of coastline, hammocks included.
And with an extensive, inexpensive public transport network, copious accommodations to suit all budget categories, and a friendly, inclusive vibe, travelling around Mexico is easy and highly recommended.


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