Japan Overview

The contrasts of Japan are startling: big cities dazzle with bright lights and high-tech gadgetry, while in countryside towns centuries-old Japanese culture is alive and well with geishas, zen rock gardens, and temples and shrines.
Japan’s vibrant pop culture is a massive draw for wide-eyed tourists, with ground-breaking electronics and leading fashion and design items available here long before the rest of the world.
Yet, beneath the brash modernity beats an ancient heart. Japan is still the realm of the exquisite art of the geisha and the skill of the sumo wrestler, where lively age-old festivals are celebrated and food is elevated to an art form.
Japan is a land of great natural beauty. The contrasts range from the snow festivals and lavender farms of the northern isle of Hokkaido to the sun-drenched beaches and turquoise waters of the subtropical islands of Okinawa. Whether you choose to climb volcanic Mount Fuji or wander through the pine forest of Mount Koya, a journey to Japan is unforgettable.

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