You may be able to book a cheaper holiday, but nothing compares with the variety and fascinating wealth of many our tour destinations. At Global Holiday Tour, we introduce Vietnam and the World to you with our passion.

Many of our destinations are a long, long way away. It takes us more than a day to fly to, playing havoc with your body clock. Getting there - and staying there - isn't cheap, either. The exchange rate between the local currency and our Dong (VND) is worse than with the greenback and you can have an all-inclusive package holiday to Bali for the cost of a return airfare to our destination. So why do we bother with these destinations at all? Why do you choose our tour destinations for traveling, for your kids to spend the summer or winter holidays? Well, let us tell you the reasons by our services. We are connecting the World's destinations and Vietnam with the very best services!





Global Holiday Tour – G.H.T is the 88th member of Lufthansa City Center. As the first Lufthansa City Center with European travel standards in Vietnam together with other Lufthansa City Center networks in more than 87 countries, we provide you with a recognized brand around the globe, offering a uniform, top-quality services in all locations throughout the world.



Global Holiday Tour - G.H.T is the first company in Vietnam to use iPad software (GPS navigation) and many other latest electronic devices such as GSM detector to run large games in team building activities and events in the country as well as abroad. Our recent events use the camera drones to record the most beautiful moments of your trips and events.


Lufthansa City Center (LCC) travel agencies retain their independent entrepreneur status and their locally renowned travel agency name, which is complemented by the Lufthansa City Center brand, thus benefiting from the advantages of a powerful chain. With 5,500 employees of LCC companies, we guarantee a high level of service quality and commitment towards customers.

With its selection of reputable travel agencies, Lufthansa City Center has combined local experts with extensive market knowledge under the umbrella of a global travel agency chain.       


Global Holiday Tour (G.H.T) is the first company to combine tours with almost all year-round holiday camps in Europe for the whole family. When 7-17-year-olds are learning new skills in a new camp environment, parents can book an European trip with us. This is the best way for the young to practice the skills that they are lack in the school, such as horse riding lessons, skiing, team leadership, career orientation, social etiquette or foreign language classes. Our holiday camps & tours also partly prepare for oversea education for children in the coming years.

"In preparation for a delegation of 125 guests in Switzerland, we are very nervous about organizing our entry visas (guests in the North, South and Central Vietnam) to the conference and our Customer Appreciation Night. After working with the representative of Global Holiday Tour (GHT), we have had some peace of mind, step by step followed the timeline. The tour program combined with conference and the party have left a great impression on the sponsor like AST and our customers. We have used our money effectively on this trip. Thank you very much!" Mr. Nguyễn Đức Thanh - Marketing Director - AST (Vietnam)



Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Marketing Director - AST (Vietnam)

"Nowadays, there are many families in Vietnam that we take care of children very carefully so children lack confidence in communication, I think the summer holidays abroad will be very interesting for children to explore and learn with international friends. At first we sent our kids to APC Summer Camp in Phan Thiet, then we booked a summer camp in Switzerland with G.H.T. When our kids stay at the camp, two of us traveled with G.H.T and many other parents and picked the kids up at the end of the camp. Our kids have learned the new skills of riding, cycling, archery ... we have time to relax together, and next winter, we will go on another trip with this camping center" Mr. Nguyen Van Dung - Trang Nghi Investment Group


Mr. Nguyen Van Dung - C.E.O - Trang Nghi Investment Group

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