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When many of us travel, we often think of how many points or miles we can earn with each ticket we purchase, how much discount offered for a certain trip... Sometimes, life is all about "me". But you can also make your travels charitable and support a worthy cause as well. 

Helping your favorite charity might not always be the primary motivation for why you book your travel at a particular site or redeem your points for rewards. But, it is possible to make your travels charitable at no additional cost by booking with Global Holiday Tour. And, you can also donate your money and time to help a charity in need too.


The Mission

G.H.T Foundation’s mission is to do our share to alleviate the unimaginable human suffering caused by extreme poverty and hunger in the developing world by building primary schools for orphaned and underprivileged children in rural Vietnam. Giving these children an opportunity to go to school in a safe environment for the first time in their lives is the most effective means of helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged to grow and live fuller lives, to empower them, their villages and future generations to come - in a real way. 



How long does it take to build a school?

Once we have saved enough funding or received funding, the site is selected, contractor bids are received and approved, and contracts are executed with the contractors, school construction takes approximately three to six months (depending on weather and the remoteness of the location).


How is the foundation governed?

G.H.T Foundation, an all-volunteer economic & education development non-profit public charity, is governed by Global Holiday Tour’s Board of Directors.


What percentage of money donated really goes to the children?

As we are all unpaid volunteers, 100% of the proceeds of the money donated through our foundation goes to the children in the form of food, clothing, shoes or school supplies and/or construction of our school buildings.  We raise money separately for our administrative expenses. Of course, any funds that you might designate for our administrative expenses would be greatly appreciated, too.


How are site locations selected?

We choose a site for each new school in areas of greatest need at the time.  We often work with the Ministry of Education that conducts annual surveys to determine where those areas are located.  But, many times, we receive direct requests from principals, educators or known friends who contact us directly.  Regardless of whether the referral is through the Ministry of Education or directly, we never accept any proposal without visiting the site and conducting our own “due diligence”.


Who maintains the schools?

Once we complete construction of a school, we turn the school over to the local villagers and the schools become an official Vietnam government school.  Thereafter, the government maintains the buildings.  Admission to the school is often free.  Improvement features are managed by G.H.T Foundation through the generosity of our donors.


May I provide additional support?

Yes, we encourage our donors whenever possible to provide libraries, bookcases, books, water wells, water filters, and fences to keep the cows out of the classrooms.


How are the teachers paid?

The teachers are employees of the Ministry of Education and are paid a guaranteed monthly salary by the Ministry of Education. G.H.T Foundation, however, provides additional in-kind support as needed.


What curriculum is taught in the schools?

The curricula are set by the Ministry of Education of Vietnam. If we have special funding for English programs, we are able to provide English classes. Otherwise, our goal is to teach the children to pass their high school entrance exam so that the children can find a job by themselves.