Britain Overview

At one stage of its history this small island ruled half the world’s population and had a major impact on much of the rest. To the surprise of many, Britain remains one of the most beautiful islands in the world. In summer it can feel as if the whole world has come to Britain, so do not spend all of your time in the big, tourist-ridden town; rather, pick a small area and spend a week or so wandering around the country lanes and villages.
To journey through Britain is to journey through time (interspersed with several cups of tea) – from the ancient megaliths of Stonehenge to the space-age domes of the Eden Project in Cornwall. It’s also a trip to the 21st-century: London is gearing up for the 2012 Olympics while cities like Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle revel in their heritage and confidently face the future, with industrial buildings revitalised as waterfront galleries or trendy apartments, flanked by tempting bars, shops, restaurants and some of the finest music venues on the planet.


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