Argentina Overview

Encompassing snowy peaks, rolling wine regions and vast, humid plains, spirited Argentina provides boundless adventure.
The seductive tango halls and feisty inhabitants of Argentina’s whirling capital Buenos Aires mark the starting point of many South American explorations. This contemporary city is bursting with energy, its streets lined with bustling parillas (grill restaurants) and colourful curios, while the chimes of skilled musicians flow from street corners and nightspots alike.
Beyond Buenos Aires lies Argentina’s collage of captivating landscapes: Ski the powdery slopes of the Andes; tread Patagonia’s dusty plains; explore lush rainforests in Missiones; ride horseback amid scorched red mountains in Salta; play the gaucho (cowboy) in the Pampas; and find shady refreshment in the Lake District’s evergreen forests.
Despite a dark period of military dictatorship and several economic crises, the Argentines have a vivacious and infectious lust for life. This passion shines through in Argentina’s three greatest loves: football, food and partying.

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